Incoming rant, MY beliefs… I really don’t care if you disagree! If you want to go on about it and message me, go right ahead but don’t be rude.

I see little toes and fingers! Just like me… I feel a heartbeat and hear her crying when she wants loving, food, or to go to the bathroom. I see a soul, a loving creature. A friend really… Someone who is always there for me. Someone who will always love me, and forgive me. Someone who is always happy, and always willing to play! Someone who doesn’t judge. I really think we can learn a thing or two from our animal friends. & maybe if you stopped being so close minded you’d see we are very similar. You’d see you’re being selfish and cruel. You’re not superior. You may think you are but, reality check BUD… you’re not. I do not believe “GOD” put animals here for our use. That is complete and utter fucking bullshit. Selfish, self centered, egotistical, yep that’s you. So there you go! I know you’re not reading this, and even if you did you wouldn’t care. I just had to let it out somewhere.