what did you think was going to happen flower child? i may have been in the back of his mind at the moment but my name will forever and always be engraved on his lips. really there’s nothing you can do about it. you can try and pretend like there was something there, embellish what you thought you had… but regardless of what he whispered to you i am his favorite flower in the garden. he left me to grow happily. he let me grow into something beautiful. though i resent him for picking you, i know you (a flower that has been picked) will soon die and wilt along with whatever love you thought was there. just as the other flowers have died away. i stay remaining, beautiful and ripe. he will love me eternally, and might not ever pick me from the earth but i know he will come back to the garden everyday to water me and care for me. he wants me to live and be happy. as for you he kept you for the time he had, he admired your beauty and scent… but you soon will return to the dirt where you belong for raking me of my happiness. farewell.

— false sense of security

do not trust anybody, not even yourself.


Doodles of a mushroom queen. So desperately wanting to go on a shroom hunt

blamethealiens asked: i really adore your blog, it really shows appreciation to the little things :) keep up the good work

wow petal thank you so much!! much lovin

georgiacaitlin asked: Love your blog sunshine xx

thank you flower of love!!!!



the bugs

oh my god this is so beautiful

Anonymous asked: Have you ever sent a mean/rude message to anyone, anonymous or not?

to be completely honest yes i have… way back when i was in a dark place.